The Most Inspirational Celebrity Tattoos and Stories

Joe Jonas tattoo

From body art inspiration to revealing glimpses into their lives, celebrity tattoos hold a wealth of stories. Past and current lovers, friendships, music idols, spirit animals, motivational quotes, and mental health expressions are all etched into these inked masterpieces. We are focused on the most inspirational stories behind tattoos and celebrities doing their best to keep us intrigued and curious.

Cardi B

In June 2020, Cardi B revealed a fabulous thigh tattoo featuring a big and colorful peacock design. The stunning illustration starts from her right hip and goes all the way down to her knee. She had originally gotten this tattoo back in 2010, but over the years, the ink had faded. That’s when she decided to get it touched up by the talented tattoo artist, Jamie Schene, giving it a brand-new and vibrant look.

Cardi B tattoo

Post Malone

Post Malone is a famous artist known for three things: his catchy songs, the controversies he’s involved in, and his crazy tattoos. He has a lot of tattoos on his face, neck, and arms, and he’s even done some of them himself. One interesting thing about his tattoos is that he honors his favorite artists by getting their portraits inked on the knuckles of both his hands. Some of the artists he pays tribute to are Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, and John Lennon.

Post Malone face tattoos

Orlando Bloom

In February 2020, actor Orlando Bloom got a special tattoo to honor his son, Flynn. The tattoo uses dots and dashes in Morse code to spell out his son’s name on his arm. But, oops, there was a little mistake, and it spelled “Frynn” instead of “Flynn.” Thankfully, the tattoo artist fixed it quickly by adding an extra dot. And guess what? As a bonus, they also added a tiny tribute to Bloom’s dog, Sidi. Now, it’s a perfect and meaningful tattoo celebrating both his son and his furry friend!

Orlando Bloom hand tattoo

Harry Styles

When we talk about Harry Styles’ tattoos, the ones that stand out are the two swallows facing each other on his chest and the big butterfly on his stomach. Harry shared that the old sailor’s style swallows represent his love for traveling. As for the butterfly, it was inked by tattoo artist Liam Sparkes, and it symbolizes his journey through different stages of life and how he has transformed along the way. Each tattoo has its own special meaning to the British singer.

Harry Styles chest tattoos


Rihanna, the superstar known for her fearless style, showed off a astonish tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis in 2012, right below her chest. But this tattoo is more than just a fashion statement – it’s a beautiful tribute to her beloved late grandmother. The tattoo holds a special meaning close to Rihanna’s heart.

Rihanna Ibis tattoo

Ariana Grande

As a heartfelt way to honor the victims of the Manchester Arena tragedy, the singer got a special tattoo of a bee near her ear. Bees are a symbol of Manchester, representing hard work and resilience. It’s a touching tribute that shows how much the city and its people mean to her.

Ariana Grande tattoo

Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas scores major points with a sweet gesture! He got a tattoo of his wife on his arm, showing his love and dedication. He even compared the tattoo to a screenshot from his band’s music video, expressing his pride in his life and cherishing the memories he shares with his wife. Kevin is definitely setting the bar high as a loving husband!

Kevin Jonas tattoo

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus loves tattoos and has lots of them! Two of her special tattoos are dedicated to her beloved dogs, Mary Jane and Emu. These tattoos are a way for Miley to always keep her furry friends close to her heart, even when they’re not physically together. It’s a touching tribute to her precious pups!

Miley Cyrus pets tattoo

Grant Gustin

Grant’s tattoo of his dog, Jett, is absolutely adorable! The actor who plays Flash shared on Instagram that he and Jett have been through so much together. Grant loves his furry companion so much that he got a portrait of Jett tattooed on himself, ensuring they will always be together, no matter what happens. It’s a heartwarming tribute to their strong bond!

Grant Gustin tattoo

Joe Jonas

Before Joe and Sophie got married, they welcomed a furry friend named Waldo into their lives in 2018. Sadly, shortly after their wedding, Waldo was in a car accident and passed away. To honor their beloved pet’s memory, both Joe and Sophie got matching tattoos of Waldo’s portrait. It’s a touching way to keep their special pup forever in their hearts.

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner dog tattoos